How to Join Theta Fleet

     Looking for an inclusive community that builds friendships and puts people over politics? Established in 2009, Theta Fleet welcomes writers new and old to join one of our current sims, bring in their existing game, or start a new one.

     We focus on good storytelling with less-than-perfect characters and cooperation. Both new and established players are welcome to Theta Fleet.

     Joining is easy! First, read about the fleet and the guidelines so that you know who we are.

     Sim rules often vary a little from the fleet rules, but this gives you a good guideline to follow.

     Then have a look under SIMS to see what is available. Pick a sim, click on the link, and go to the Nova or Discord site.

     Have a look at the sim, the manifest, and the posts. If you like what you see, join. That's it.

     If you aren't sure which sim to join, contact us and we'll help you find the right fit for your character. :)

     We also welcome new and existing sims into our fleet family. Fill out an application or reach us on Discord  for more information.


     NOTE: We are a 0-0-0 to 2-2-2 fleet. We do not accept 3-3-3 sims.


     It's text-based roleplaying. You create a character, complete with bio, and apply for a specific position on one of our sims/games. Then you write as that character in posts as you interact on the ship and with the crew. Have a look at the sims in the fleet to learn more!

     To comply with the EU GDPR, players should be 18 or older to join a sim.

     Nova sites only collect the user name you give (don't use your full given name. First name or nickname is preferred) and the email address you use for simming. (We recommend you have an email that is dedicated to roleplaying/simming).

     We look forward to writing with you!

     Admiral Kathryn Burke

     Commander, Theta Fleet