Council of Commanders

Commander, Theta Fleet  -  Admiral Kathryn Burke

Deputy Commander, Theta Fleet  -  Vice Admiral Veruka Kitan

Deputy Commander, Theta Fleet  -  Rear Admiral Curzon Bennett

Director of Fleet Operations  -  Rear Admiral Snu'Pi

                         JAG  -  Admiral  Maximillian Hunter

Director of Fleet Resources: Nova (Mods, Skins, Ranks): Captain Kagami Izumi

Director of Fleet Resources: Personnel (Characters and Positions): Captain Ka'Tock

Commander, Task Force 23: Chimera  -  Commodore Marc Kidd (USS Artemis)

     Commander, Task Group 23-A: Gryphon  -  Captain Ka'Tock  (USS Aurora)

          Commander, Task Group 23-B: Phoenix  -  Captain Alistar McKeon (USS Endeavour)

     Commander, Task Group 23-C: Siren  -  Captain Triston Faust   (USS Midway)

Area Commander, Area 51  - Captain Qierress (USS Quebec)

     Commander, Area 51-A: Gargoyle  -  Captain Taliserra Tigran  (USS Wolff)

     Commander, Area 51-B: Spectre  -  Captain Gabriel Barron (USS Redemption)

     Commander, Area 51-C: Poltergeist  -  Captain Franklin Johnson (USS Pandora)

     Commander, Area 51-D: Yokai  -  Captain Hale Stratton (No Way Home)


          Academy Director  -  Rear Admiral Snu'Pi

          Awards & Commendations (for use by sims)  -  Commodore Samantha York

          Information Management  -  Captain Barret Stillwater

               Forum Guru  -  Enalia Telvan

          Recruitment  -  Captain Barret Stillwater

          Fleet Tech  -  Captain John Keir (specs & tech)

               Fleet Tech  Assistant  -  Captain Hans Shiloh (gadgets/alien tech)

               Fleet Tech  Assistanat  -  Captain Ritsu Tainaka  (tech, banner images, skins)

               Fleet Engineering  -  Captain Ritsu Tainaka

               Fleet Intelligence  -  Commander Teena Spartacus

               Fleet Marine Corps  -  Brigadier General Ammon Khan

               Fleet Science - Captain T'mpest Michaels

     Also on the Council of Commanders: The Theta Fleet Commanding Officers

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