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The main page of Theta Fleet can't keep all the news, so we archive it here. This has all the news from January 2019 on. (There is far too much from 2010 to 2018 to copy over. Sorry.)

January 2024 Fleet Awards

Friday, February 9, 2024 7:03 AM

January 2024 Theta Fleet Awards


January 2024 Fleet Awards



Task Force 23

    Gold: Frontier Station

    Silver: Cavalier, Calypso, & Hecate

    Bronze: Artemis, Unicorn, & Yamato

Area 51

    Gold: USS Astrea & USS Myogi

    Silver: USS Columbia

    Bronze: Starbase 400, Ontario, Poseidon


    Task Force 23:Artemis: Adalyn O'Rourke

As the profiler and counselor on the ship they have had their hands full. However, the latest post that they wrote not only divulged a lot about the criminal that the crew searched for but it divulged a lot about the Captain that she spoke with. Rarely do I read posts with a Counseor that involves actual counselling. 

    Area 51: Astrea & Standing Bear

Astrea: Nevan Kayto (Nate): Nevin brought a whole new division to the diplomatic corp dedicated to civilian aid. In addition to writing his main character, he’s already created two NPC’s, roommates who are besties who often see a little too much of one another. Nevan has engaged his three characters with numerous other characters which highlights his creativity and often entertaining writing skills.

Standing: Kat - has done an excellent job in writing a conclusion for Soral, the First Officer of the USS Standing from our very beginning. 


    Task Force 23: Unicorn: Nicole

Sub-Commander T’shir. She brings a wealth of knowledge on Sim Management and has been amazing at helping to run the sim. As T’shir, she brings a vulcan perspective to the sim that is always fun to see.

    Area 51: No Way Home & Gladiator & Poseidon

No Way Home: Reuben Baptiste. I love his concept for a character who is disabled, in his case, through military service, both in how it reflects the reality some veterans face and in how it will affect his character's ability to survive and thrive in the aftermath of the Wildfire Virus. Like Victoire Olaffson, the writer brings real-world expertise to the role of retired military. 

Gladiator: Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma, Exemplifying Excellence: We enthusiastically nominate Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma for Player of the Month once again. Throughout the month, Mel has continued to showcase remarkable character growth and skillfully crafted story arcs. Their ability to breathe life into characters and deftly navigate complex narratives is a testament to their commendable creativity and unwavering dedication. This nomination recognizes Mel's transformative influence on our shared narrative and their steadfast pursuit of excellence in role-playing. Bravo, Lieutenant Commander!

Poseidon: Lieutenant Commander Ky'la De'Lenn - They have been dealing with a lot medically yet, despite this, has absolutely banged out some wonderful contributions and participation. They deserve this recognition and congratulations!


    Task Force 23: Cavalier: "A Brief Briefing" (

    Area 51: Columbia & Oceanus & Ontario

Columbia: "Ferengi 4: Mischief By the Filtration System" (

Oceanus: "Welcome Aboard - Meeting the Chief Medical Officer" (

Ontario: "Where Oh Where Has the Captain Gone? (Part I)" (


    TF23: USS Cavalier

    Area 51: USS Oceanus


Task Force 23

    23-A: USS Artemis

    23-B: USS Cavalier

    23-C: USS Hecate

Area 51

    51-A: Astrea

    51-B: Starbase 400

    51-C: USS Myogi

    51-D: USS Columbia