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Ship Database

Serenity Class Transport

Category: Transport

Expected Duration: 20 years
Time Between Resupply: 0 years
Time Between Refit: 5 years

Officers: 3
Enlisted Crew: 0
Marines: 0

Cruising Velocity: Warp 1.5
Maximum Velocity: Warp 2.7
Emergency Velocity: Warp 3 (for 4 hours)

Length: 17 metres
Width: 14 metres
Height: 6 metres
Decks: 1

Beam Weapons
   Type 4 Phaser Bank: 2
   Ablative Hull Armour
   Light Shields

Personal Environmental Protection Suits: 3

The Serenity is a command section with warp drive and can take any one of a number of different modules. The Serenity may only be placed on ships with a through-deck hangar or starbases because of the sheer size of the modules and is meant to replace the old hopper type transports that are used by the main fleet. The Serenity is a craft that can be attached to any one of the many multi-function modules that are available. Modules are mounted on the rear of the Command section much like the hoppers. Unlike the Hoppers, it is fully warp-capable, although its range is limited and it sacrifices more capable weapon systems for extra shielding and survival rating in a danger zones. The first two modules designed for use with the Serenity were the Drop module and the Troop Command Module. Capable of up to one full week's independent operations, Has On board standard replicator unit and carries an emergency transporter capable of transporting no more than 3 persons (with gear) at a time.

Modules (Excluding the Cargo, Construction and Drop Modules) may be interchanged for one another at a starbase on a mission specific basis.

The Cargo, Construction and Drop Modules may be swapped in for 2 other modules, or each other, while at a starbase on a mission specific basis.

Where the Nebula is noted, this refers to the Hangar Pod equipped Nebula only.

The Argo Module carries two fully-packed Argo buggies, and their crew. While the module itself is not able to be hot dropped, the back gate doubles as a ramp, and the Argos may be dropped while the Serenity is still in motion.
The Cargo Module is just what it says, open pressurized configurable space, no frills.
The Chemical Distribution Module was originally intended for use by the marines during times of war. It has been used by them to spread Anethtizine, Chemical Irritants, and even the modern equivalent of Napalm. Since then, it has fallen into wider usage, and has been used to spread fertilizers, neutralizing agents, antivirals, and even water. May be hot dropped or even air dropped, but either would destroy the Module. Optionally, a 5' long drafting/filtration sub-module may be attached on the back of this module that will allow safe filling of the module with pure water. This uses micro-transporters similar to those found in replicators to "beam out" any impurities. The more impurities impurities in the water, the slower the process.
The Construction Module is capable of carrying a multi-use construction vehicle, as well as all the assorted hand and power tools for building permanent structures on a planetary surface, as well as enough fuel to operate them for 6 days under standard usage. This module may not be hot-dropped. It is equipped with it's own fusion generator and an industrial replicator unit, though the supplies for the replicator are not included. Because of the size of this module, the Serenity is not capable of warp while carrying it.
The Drop Module is a down and dirty, no frills troop transport module that is capable of carrying up to 96 troops at a time. It is meant to be hot dropped and has it's own internal fusion generator and anti-gravity systems as well as braking thrusters. Because of the length of the module, A Serenity is not capable of warp while carrying this module.
The Duck Blind Module is a module specifically designed for the scientific research of pre-warp cultures. It comes equipped with Shroud generators, which use holographic technology to effectively "cloak" the blind. It includes 3 "Shroud Suits" which give the scientists the ability, with care, to wander among the inhabitants while investigating for up to 4 hours at a time. The module includes sensor arrays effective to a range of 30km, 2 Medkits, 1 standard replicator and an emergency transporter capable of transporting no more than 3 persons (with gear) at a time. Not capable of being hot dropped, but may be quick dropped. Requires 3 personnel.
The Habitation Module is used as temporary residences on planetary surfaces. Housing is for 16 people with reasonable amenities for up to 2 weeks (32 people if sleeping in shifts, though it reduces the support capabilities to 10 days). Includes 2 standard MedKits and 2 standard replicators, as well as an emergency transporter capable of transporting no more than 3 persons (with gear) at a time. Not capable of being hot dropped.
The MASH Module is a mobile field hospital with medical facilities to treat for common battle wounds and other similar problems for up to 12 patients. While not as effective as the medical facilities aboard a starship, it is geared towards stabilization of the patients and carries 4 Stasis pods for those who cannot be immediately treated. This Module carries an emergency transporter capable of transporting no more than 3 persons (with gear) at a time. This module may not be hot dropped safely. Has a standard replicator. Requires 5 personnel to man.
The Mess Module is a mobile field mess with meal preparation facilities for up to 150 people using specially prepared field rations or up to 100 people using standard supplies. It includes 3 days worth of prepared field rations internally. It also has 5 high capacity food replicators, though the stores to supply these must be supplied externally. Under extreme conditions, 3 of the replicators may be set up to intake raw inedible soft vegetation and use the remaining 2 to make a basic gruel to feed up to 50 people. Requires 5 personnel to man.
The Troop Command Module has the capacity to carry 48 marines and their gear, and also packs all of the comm and support gear of a field command base. Once on the ground, the Serenity can hot detach quickly. This Module carries an emergency transporter capable of transporting no more than 3 persons (with gear) at a time. Has 2 standard replicators, 4 standard MedKits and enough retractable bunks to handle 20. Requires 6 personnel to man.

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January 19, 2018



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