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Ship Database

Wyvern Hopper Class Transport

Category: Transport

Expected Duration: 10 years
Time Between Resupply: 0 years
Time Between Refit: 0 years

Crew: 2
Passengers: 36

Cruising Velocity: Warp
Maximum Velocity: Warp
Emergency Velocity: Warp (for hours)

Length: 20.2 metres
Width: 8.6 metres
Height: 3.5 metres
Decks: 1

Auxiliary Crafts
   Type U+ Micro Pulse Phaser Cannon: 2
   Ablative Hull Armour
   Light Shields

Best known by the term "Hopper", the Wyvern class Transport can carry 36 fully armed Marines from a starship to the ground. Larger versions do exist to carry more troops and heavy cargo such as ground assault vehicles, or cargo runabouts such as the Vimy Ridge class can be deployed.

To ensure the rapid deployment of troops, the Hopper comes with personnel transporters capable of placing a fire-team of Marines down anywhere on a planet of a similar size to Earth. Alternatively, the Hopper can land and Marines can exit the vessel through the side doors, which also double as ramps.

Larger vessels carry Wyverns in their shuttle bay. Once the carrier vessel has reached its destination, it can open its doors and allow the Wyvern to "drop" into the atmosphere. Wyverns come with high-powered impulse engines to allow them to reach the safety of the carrier vessel; although in an atmosphere they resort to conventional atmospheric thrusters. The Hopper's navigational computer is specifically designed to spot and guide the vessel to suitable landing zones (LZs) to quickly allow the deployment of marines.

Found on:
Excalibur Class Battleship
Nebula Class Light Cruiser
Galaxy Class Heavy Cruiser
Excelsior (Lakota-subtype) Class Heavy Cruiser
Excelsior Class Heavy Cruiser
Galaxy (II) Class Explorer
Akira Class Carrier
Intrepid Class Science Cruiser
Prometheus Class Cruiser
Olympic Class Hospital Ship
Ambassador Class Heavy Cruiser
Vikrant Class Carrier
Ascension (Explorer-subtype) Class Explorer

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January 22, 2018



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