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Ship Database

Legionnaire - Scout Class Starfighter

Category: Fighter

Expected Duration: 0 years
Time Between Resupply: 0 years
Time Between Refit: 0 years

Officers: 1
Enlisted Crew: 0
Marines: 0

Cruising Velocity: Warp 4.8
Maximum Velocity: Warp 5.3
Emergency Velocity: Warp 5.9 (for 5 hours)

Length: 7 metres
Width: 6 metres
Height: 5 metres
Decks: 0

Auxiliary Crafts
   Micro Torpedo Launcher
      Micro Photon Torpedo: 12
   Type U+ Micro Pulse Phaser Cannon: 3
   Ablative Hull Armour
   Deflector Shields
   Light Shields
   Structural Integrity Field

Special Additions:
Advanced Sensor Suite

The Scout class module was designed with a primary purpose in mind. To bring advanced sensors usually found on capital ships and probes to areas where the size of the capital ship prohibits such actions or when an active pilot can react and address issues that a probe cannot. The scout module is a lightly armed and agile fighter meant to enter dangerous areas far ahead of the carrier ship to gain sensor data before making their way back to safety. Though lightly armed, it is also designed to serve in the capacity of interceptor, bringing their pulse phasers and torpedoes to use when necessary. Though not primarily a combat vessel, the Scout still fulfills an important role.

Though similarly armed as the Core fighter, the scout module is equipped with advanced sensor pods equal to those found on a capital ship. The pods themselves are found under the wings of the fighter and can be deployed from the fighter to provide constant sensor data to the Scout for up to ten hours before they run out of power. Each of the pods can be tuned to specific sensor bands. Pods can be recovered for use later and provides encrypted sensor data to friendly forces who come across them.

Found on:

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January 22, 2018



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