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December 2017 Fleet Awards
10-Jan-2018     Fleet News

The year ended with a high note for a number of sims in Task Force 23. In spite of the holidays, all the sims that won the Unit of Distinction Awards did extremely well.

That's not to say the sims in Area 51 did poorly. They, too, had some great activity and great posts.

It made it very hard for the Command Staff to pick the winners for the month, the quarter, and the year. We wish we could have given out more awards!

Want to see how the fleet did? Just click on Read On.

December 2017 Fleet Awards

Unit of Distinction
Task Force 23
Gold: USS Hermes
Silver: Starbase Vanguard
Bronze (tie): Deep Space Five & Starbase Typhon
Area 51
Gold (tie): USS Hera & USS Tokyo
Silver: USS Redemption
Bronze: USS Musashi & USS Falcon

Writer of the Month
Task Force 23:
Typhon: Cole for his portraying of the TGT leader during the posts where he took the basic plot of attacks on escorts and ran with it in character and put a spin on the story to drive it in a new direction.
Area 51
Musashi Ray (Me) as Captain Figueroa ? I do not like nominating myself for anything. So, this is more of a crew nomination. It has been said that my character has the feel of the classic trek era like a female Pike. However, brings that war veteran darkness of Sisko into the mix, and a splash of tenderness like Janeway. Though all those may be true, Fig also stands as a unique character creation that I am proud of and I believe the crew quite enjoys. I guess I am being put forth as tribute for the 50 shades of Fig. http://musashi.rpgs-r.us/index.php/sim/viewpost/84

Player of the Month
Task Force 23 (tie):
Yamato: Voz and Will. They've both been active players on the Yamato and a good solid command crew deserves recognition. Both have done a lot to keep the Yamato going and to keep the mission alive. I wanted to nominate the main two command crew for being a good team and for making the ship active and a fun place to write.
Vanguard: To Lt. Thomas Maynard in "Neurohack," http://starbasevanguard.utopia-host.com/index.php/sim/viewpost/653, in which he provides some shocking revelations about Maynard's past in an ongoing character development story arc. Maynard is a fascinating character, and Tom writes him with beauty and depth. I look forward to seeing more of his story.
Area 51
Hera: Akira Zhuri http://hera.split-world.com/index.php/p ... aracter/58 For taking us on an emotional rollercoaster ride the past month and helping to breathe life into the sim after a small holiday slump. Monoui's portrayal of Nexi and especially Akira during these trying times has been exemplary. Her flexibility to roll with the punches in ?Wall of Disaster? and the stress of inhabiting a foreign android body in ?@Herald Inside? along with the Emotional trauma involved in the upcoming ?Amnesiacs Anonymous? after the crew are kidnapped and five select crew members are separated from the others for 'experimentation' is above reproach.

Post of the Month
Task Force 23:
Hermes: http://hermes.rpgs-r.us/index.php/sim/viewpost/109 - Life and Death Of A Spider Drone
Area 51
Tokyo: "Reunited: (http://tokyo.rpgs-r.us/index.php/sim/viewpost/136)

TGCO Award of Merit
Task Force 23
23-A: Starbase Typhon
23-B: Second Star
23-C: Starbase Vanguard
Area 51
51-A: No Award
51-B: USS Phoenix
51-C: USS Falcon
51-D: USS Musashi & Galileo

2017 Fourth Quarter Awards

Task Force 23:
Sim of the Quarter: USS Hermes
CO of the Quarter: Deep Space Five: Maritza Soran
XO of the Quarter: Yamato: Kablam
Writer of the Quarter: Calypso & Ranger: Will
Player of the Quarter: DS5: Matt

Area 51:
Sim of the Quarter: USS Musashi
CO of the Quarter: USS Zeus: Zenaida Neniphim
XO of the Quarter: SS Amoran: Lenaris Dae
Writer of the Quarter: Galileo - Marilyn
Player of the Quarter: USS Musashi: Raymond

2017 Annual Fleet Awards

Task Force 23
Sim of the Year: USS Winchester
CO of the Year: USS Hyperion: JohnTheisman
XO of the Year: Calypso: Hans Munich & Yamato: Kablam
Writer of the Year: Calypso & Ranger: Will
Player of the Year: Vanguard: Susan & Chantal

Area 51
Sim of the Year: USS Musashi
CO of the Year: USS Galileo: Lirha Saalm
XO of the Year: USS Hera: Mal Xustos & USS Tokyo: Alora Tau'Ri
Writer of the Year: Galileo: Notty
Player of the Year: Redemption: Chris

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February 19, 2018



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