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October 2017 Fleet Awards
13-Nov-2017     Fleet News

Today, 11-13-17, is a prime day to announce the October Fleet Awards. (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.)

We've had some great writing this month. Good job, everyone!

Since many in the Fleet are participating in NaNoWriMo, we'll just jump to the awards. :)

October 2017 Fleet Awards

Unit of Distinction
Task Force 23:
Gold: USS Hermes
Silver: USS Missouri
Bronze: USS Winchester & USS Erebus
Honorable Mention: Starbase Vanguard & USS Pegasus
Area 51:
Gold: USS Galileo
Silver: SS Amoran
Bronze: USS Musashi & USS Hera

Wrier of the Month:
Task Force 23:
Hermes: Lily (Lt. Eric Jackson). I've nominated Lily due to her wonderful posts with Eric Jackson and her NPC Bella Talbot. She's created two amazing characters who are completely different, whilst making a believable backstory with Eric. I look forward to seeing how she develops both these characters in the future.
Area 51:
Musashi: Alex – Writing our resident man in white, Dr. Ezekiel Hill, I feel that Alex has proven himself to be a very deep character writer who is not afraid to make his character go against the grain. Much like Doctors Crusher and Pulaski, Dr. Hill lays claim to Sickbay as his territory and even the Captain has come to respect that. I have observed Alex write this Chief Medical Officer so well with their ethical viewpoints and philosophies. I believe he's deserving of recognition for not making a 'push over' Physician who is hypospray happy.

Player of the Month:
Task Force 23:
Pegasus: Kat is my choice for Player of the Month again, she is very dependable and fun to write with. She always comes up with ideas to help out.

Area 51:
Galileo: Marilyn (Warraquim). It's been a lot of fun to write with Marilyn this month. She has been giving JP’s left-right-and-sideways, as well as providing people with many NPC’s. She has also been a lot of help to Jay which has helped him immensely. I've really enjoyed reading all of her posts and she seems to be able to fit them in with a high level of detail and OOC knowledge that's very becoming of a medical officer and a new skill as a legal officer. -Paul

Post of the Month:
Task Force 23:
Vanguard: This has to go to Jenny this month, ever present on Vanguard and ever producing technically incredible posts both in the writing sense and the medical sense!
Area 51:
Boreas: "Slaves" (http://boreas.sim-station.net/index.php/sim/viewpost/230)

TGCO Award of Merit:
Task Force 23:
23-A: USS Yamato
23-B: USS Hermes
23-C: USS Winchester
Area 51:
51-A: No Award
51-B: USS Hera
51-C: USS Asgard
51-D: SS Amoran

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February 19, 2018



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