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"I had the ambition to not only go farther than man had gone before, but to go as far as it was possible to go."
-- Captain Cook

Player of the Month Award

Level 1 Award
Player of the Month Award

Awarded to an individual that goes above and beyond what is expected of them on the sim in a given month.

An individual that follows the posting requirements of the simm, interacts with fellow crew while developing their own character plots and personal story arcs, moves the plot along in a way which is both entertaining and not too far from the mark, as well as helps with the SIM, develops plots, the website, awards, and recognizes other players will qualify for this award.

Recent Recipients

April 12, 2017: Lieutenant Commander Paul Graves, Starbase Vanguard
April 12, 2017: Blank Jade Lantz, Starbase Vanguard
October 19, 2016: Blank Jade Lantz, Starbase Vanguard
February 28, 2015: Lieutenant Commander Alorha Grange, U.S.S. Achilles
February 14, 2013: Lieutenant Paul Edward Graves, SFMC Starbase Protector
August 5, 2012: Lieutenant Nyx, SFMC Starbase Protector
April 4, 2011: Lieutenant Arilet Ketziy, Starbase Olympus
September 30, 2010: Commander Andrew Landover, Starbase Olympus
May 2, 2010: Lieutenant, Junior Grade Donovan Westbrook, Starbase Olympus
March 11, 2010: Lieutenant, Junior Grade Kaj Mikkola, U.S.S. Calypso

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November 17, 2017



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